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Enchanted Fantasie is my baby. Born from my growth and progression in the Fetish Industry. 

Modeling from the tender age of 16, I stumbled into the fetish community 3 years later. 

Taking the bull by the horns at the age of 22  I committed myself to becoming a Fetish actress.

 Specializing in bondage I provided the world with a Latina Flare all my own. Known for my spicy attitude, dangerous curves and ever so packable strict gagable mouth. I mmphed and struggled my way into the hearts of many! 


Refusing to be a one trick pony I immersed myself in a plethora of fetishes. Spanking  Foot Fetish Wrestling Giantess Fem Dom and so much more.

The more I worked the more I fell in love.

See the truth is not only do I work in the Fetish Industry I Truly live a BDSM life.

This isnt just a job for me it really is my entire life. 

Having a personal relationship with BDSM I feel provides me an insight a sort of connection that surely shows through in my work. 


My genuine SWITCH personality

provides me insght to both the submissive and Dominant Roles I play in my work. 

To entice and stimulate both Male and Female Fans alike .

To be able to learn all the wicked ways you tick and nuture all your longing desires/needs effortlessly. 

My fans and Supporters have helped me grow. Have helped mold me into the only 


Let me help you create and bring to life all of your Enchanted Fantasies. 





Studio owner

Enchantress Sahrye 


Fetish Fantasie Entertainer 

Enchanted Fantasie